MarketmySTR FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
  • Can I watch a demo?
    Yes. Here is a link to our demos page:
  • Can I move my funnels already made from CF to MarketmySTR?
    Yes. In our funnels section, you simply enter the URL of the page you've created you want to import and your page will be created inside MarketmySTR. There will be a few adjustments you need to do with fonts or images but most of the work will be transferred.
  • Can MarketmySTR host videos?
    Yes! You can host unlimited videos with MarketmySTR and embed them in any of your landing pages or website pages.
  • Can I sell products and services using MarketmySTR?
    Yes, you can. For example, say you want to allow guests to rent bikes or other upsells, you can offer a page with these services.
  • Is there a free trial?
    Yes, we have a 14-day trial. Also, there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. We also offer a "best price guarantee."
  • Is it more user-friendly than ClickFunnels?
    We certainly believe so. We offer 24/7 live support and even provide assistance in creating landing pages for a fee.
  • Can I keep my current Squarespace website and funnels?
    Yes, you can keep your existing website and embed MarketmySTR chat widget, forms, and calendars on your site or landing pages.
  • Can MarketmySTR create and host websites?
    Yes, you can create unlimited websites with our SuperHost plan using your domain(s) registered elsewhere.
  • Can MarketmySTR reply with an automated response when I'm busy?
    Yes, you can set up automated responses triggered by specific words visitors use in the chat.
  • How much video can you upload and host?
    There is no limit on the number of videos, but each video has a limit of 4 GB (about a 2-hour movie).
  • Does MarketmySTR integrate with PayPal and Stripe?
    Yes, we integrate with PayPal and Stripe, and also with
  • Can MarketmySTR replace ClickFunnels, Leadpages, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, etc.?
    Yes, our software combines the functionalities of these services into one platform.
  • Does MarketmySTR work for short-term rental hosts?
    Yes, MarketmySTR is designed to help short-term rental hosts, CoHosts, and property managers with direct bookings.
  • Does MarketmySTR charge for domain names?
    No, we don't offer domain registration, but you can host unlimited domains with us for your websites or funnels.
  • Can I add Facebook pixels to my MarketmySTR pages?
    Yes, you can add Facebook pixels to your landing pages, websites, forms, and calendars.
  • Is there support available for setting up MarketmySTR?
    Yes, we offer 24/7 live support and white glove onboarding to help you set everything up.
  • How many properties can I set up on MarketmySTR?
    You can have unlimited properties on MarketmySTR.
  • Can MarketmySTR work with LinkedIn?
    Yes, you can connect your LinkedIn account and schedule and publish posts directly from MarketmySTR's social media planner.
  • Will the price of MarketmySTR increase after purchase?
    No, your price will remain the same for as long as you remain active.
  • Can MarketmySTR replace other email software like Mailchimp?
    Yes, MarketmySTR is designed to replace these options, so you can do virtually all your marketing in one place.
  • Does MarketmySTR offer social media management and chatbot functionality?
    Yes, we offer a social media planner and chat widget technology with integrations for Facebook and Instagram messenger.
  • How many users are allowed on MarketmySTR?
    The Host plan allows 3 users, and the SuperHost plan allows 10 users.
  • Does MarketmySTR have an affiliate program?
    Yes, we offer an affiliate program that pays up to 20% monthly on direct referrals.
  • Can I bill event tickets and memberships through MarketmySTR?
    Yes, you can bill event tickets and memberships directly through the platform.
  • Does MarketmySTR offer pre-built templates?
    Yes, we offer pre-built templates for short-term rental landing pages and websites.
  • Can MarketmySTR integrate with host management platforms like Hostfully?
    Yes, MarketmySTR integrates with platforms like Hostfully via Zapier.
  • How can I automate email and text messaging?
    You can use MarketmySTR's workflows tool to automate email and text messaging.
  • Is there a way to have multiple Facebook pages or one for all properties?
    It's up to you; each property could have its own page, but managing one page for all properties is also possible.
  • Can MarketmySTR be used for properties in Australia?
    Yes, MarketmySTR is available for properties in Australia, although there might be some regulatory challenges.
  • Can I have a sign or magnet at my property to direct guests to direct bookings?
    Yes, you can create informational landing pages and use QR codes to guide guests.
  • Does MarketmySTR integrate with Airbnb or VRBO?
    MarketmySTR integrates with PMS systems like OwnerRez, not directly with Airbnb or VRBO.
  • How can I prevent emails from going to junk or spam?
    You need to build a sending reputation by having recipients mark your emails as "not spam."
  • Can I use my MarketmySTR phone number for business calls?
    Yes, you can use your MarketmySTR phone number for business calls and forward calls to your phones.
  • Is there a way to resize a video on my page?
    Yes, you can resize videos by placing them in columns, adding padding, and testing on mobile devices.
  • How do I add a Pixel to my landing page?
    You can add a Pixel in the settings of your page under "head tracking code."
  • Can I manage Facebook/Instagram ads on MarketmySTR?
    No, you manage ads directly through Facebook's platform.
  • How can I access MarketmySTR support?
    You can use the live support icon or visit the support page on the MarketmySTR website.
  • Can guests book directly through MarketmySTR landing pages?
    Yes, you can embed booking widgets from PMS systems for direct bookings.
  • Does MarketmySTR provide dynamic pricing?
    No, you'll need to adjust prices through your PMS system.
  • How many properties are covered by the base plan?
    You can have unlimited properties on any of our plans.
  • How many users are allowed in a MarketmySTR account?
    The Host plan allows 3 users, and the SuperHost plan allows 10 users.
  • Do I need to watch all the courses before using my account?
    No, you can start by watching the onboarding course to get your account set up.
  • How can I make my landing page rank higher in search results?
    Optimize your title, description, keywords, and on-page text with relevant search phrases.